1. Evidently Purina has seen my dogs race on the carpet before!

  2. Goodbye, baseball season of 2013. 1 preseason game, 12 regular season MLB games, 2 minor league games, 16 MLB teams, 3 minor league teams, 1 minor league stadium, 9 mlb stadiums, and one Alamodome. From preseason to game 163, it was a season to remember. (at Rangers Ballpark In Arlington)

  3. Drill rehearsal after the deluge. Yay band! (at Harlandale High School)

  4. At the band hall at 6:45 for a pep rally? Maybe a dozen tacos from Taco Cabana can help out!

  5. Look who came and posed with the HHS band. I swear mascots are following me around. #chickfila

  6. Typical responses from students in my Music History class. Can’t wait to blow their minds with my knowledge!!!

  7. Go Missions. Go #ballapeno

  8. Stadium rehearsal tonight. Check out the moon! (at Harlandale Memorial Stadium)

  9. Look who came by and played one of our drums before convocation. (at Charles Boggess Center)

  10. @Ballapeno doing what he does best at the @MissionsMiLB game on 8/9 @MiLB #MascotMania

  11. Great view of the game today (at Minute Maid Park)

  12. Driving into the #sunset this evening

  14. Living room pretty much complete now.

  15. Pre-Birthday/Anniversary dinner with my parents and brother. (at Casa Rio Restaurant)